How to use the air compressor correctly 

Although using an air compressor sounds easy, it takes more that than just finding a power source and switching it on. When done correctly, an air compressor can be useful in a variety of ways such as inflating a tire, spraying paint and cleaning pavements among others. You have to make sure you connect all the units properly so they can effectively communicate with each other and function as a whole unit. Below are some tips that show how to use an air compressor correctly in three simple steps.

Gather the right equipment

Since safety is very important in whatever use you want the compressor for, you have to start by making sure you have all the right items that will not only protect exposed parts of your body but also in using the compressor effectively. These include items like goggles, gloves, oil for a smooth operation of the compressor as well as power supply and tools. First-time users should also have the compressor manual. (more…)

What Is the Expiration Date of the Compressors?

Normally compressors are very durable but estimating the correct expiration date is important especially if you are thinking of buying a used compressor or if you’ve had one for a very long time.
The expected lifespan of a compressor starts at 10 years but can go to 30 years and sometimes exceed that. The various factors that determine the lifespan of a compressor make answering the question “What is the expiration date of the compressors?” very difficult. (more…)

How to Store the Air Compressor Correctly

Other than maintenance, proper storage of air compressors contributes a great deal to how long they can stay in great shape. Storage suitability differs with different types of compressors, which is why considering how to store the air compressor correctly is an important factor when purchasing one. With classifications based on the shape of the tank, you can consider your storage options according to the type you want to buy.


Everything you need to know about Eagle EA-2000 Air Compressor

Air compressors are incredibly fascinating, and this is not only because they are designed to compress air, but also because they are known to be very loud. A feature of it that does not bestow attractiveness. Not, at all. However, in this same grouping of Air compressors, we have the Eagle EA-2000, which restores all the hope on air compressors. The design thrives upon a low noise volume, which is vital to put across since it also holds the ability to provide a .75 HP at 1 CFM from the 100PSI to approximately 125PSI maximum level.



This compressor packs to it mobility capabilities, with about 25 pounds, making it independent contractors favorite. This is not the only thing the professional contractors would love, but also the distinct aspect of its high output, which then makes it perfect for all kinds of outdoor and indoor operations. (more…)