How to use the air compressor correctly 

Although using an air compressor sounds easy, it takes more that than just finding a power source and switching it on. When done correctly, an air compressor can be useful in a variety of ways such as inflating a tire, spraying paint and cleaning pavements among others. You have to make sure you connect all the units properly so they can effectively communicate with each other and function as a whole unit. Below are some tips that show how to use an air compressor correctly in three simple steps.

Gather the right equipment

Since safety is very important in whatever use you want the compressor for, you have to start by making sure you have all the right items that will not only protect exposed parts of your body but also in using the compressor effectively. These include items like goggles, gloves, oil for a smooth operation of the compressor as well as power supply and tools. First-time users should also have the compressor manual.


Put all the units of the compressor together correctly, with the help of the manual if necessary and confirm that everything is in the right order. Confirm the level of the oil in the machine and add more if you need to. You should also use a manual if you’re using a new brand you’re not familiar with. Make sure there is enough oil since inadequate amount can make the machine hard to work with or even ruin the engine. Here our review about Eagle EA-2000, it can be useful for you.

Power connection

This final step involves plugging in the machine into the power source and turning the power on. Check the capacity of power consumption and make sure it’s compatible with the source you’re using. You should also set the relief valve settings correctly making sure you close the valve on the tank drain before turning on the power.


Different brands of compressors come with different settings that you can easily adjust to suit what you’re using the machine for. It’s therefore important to keep the manual nearby as a reminder even if you’ve got the compressor several times before. Always make sure the pressure switch is off and the plug the machine directly into the power source. When ready turn the pressure lever to “auto on” in order to allow the pressure to add up even while you’re using the machine. Once you’re through, turn the pressure off and release the remaining air in the tanks making sure to drain any moisture as well. Always allow the compressor to cool off before taking it back to storage.




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