How to Store the Air Compressor Correctly

Other than maintenance, proper storage of air compressors contributes a great deal to how long they can stay in great shape. Storage suitability differs with different types of compressors, which is why considering how to store the air compressor correctly is an important factor when purchasing one. With classifications based on the shape of the tank, you can consider your storage options according to the type you want to buy.

Some of the major types of compressors include inflator compressors that don’t have storage tanks making it necessary to have continuous running power when in use, and compressors that have round and flat storage tanks. These are usually referred to as pancake compressors. Others with two cylindrical tanks are called wheelbarrow compressors whereas those with single horizontal tanks are called hotdog compressors. Another classification, twin stack compressors, has double horizontal tanks.


Although each type of compressor has a different type of tank, the storage procedure is the same. You have to take the necessary safety precautions before taking the compressor to the storeroom since that’s what makes all the difference. Start by turning the power source off and removing the machine from it after use. This is very important since failure to unplug it can put you in danger. Remove any air pressure remaining in the pressure tank by turning the switch on the outlet until it gets to zero. Once you’re sure there’s no more pressure left inside, remove any items that you may have attached to the compressor such as a hose or nail gun. Follow this by removing any moisture that may have accumulated in the tank. Place a flat container under the valve before tilting it to let out the liquid inside. You may need some help with the final step, which involves opening the valve to let out any remaining pressure or moisture with the container still in place. Once you’re very certain the tank is empty, close it and take it to storage. Make sure you don’t place it in direct sunlight such as near a window and you use something else as a platform to elevate it. Placing the compressor on the ground can ruin it due to exposure to moisture that accumulates on the ground.


To help make the compressor more durable, consider maintain each component separately making sure each one is well taken care of. With proper storage and regular maintenance, you can be guaranteed that your compressor will last long regardless of the brand you have.

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