Everything you need to know about Eagle EA-2000 Air Compressor

Air compressors are incredibly fascinating, and this is not only because they are designed to compress air, but also because they are known to be very loud. A feature of it that does not bestow attractiveness. Not, at all. However, in this same grouping of Air compressors, we have the Eagle EA-2000, which restores all the hope on air compressors. The design thrives upon a low noise volume, which is vital to put across since it also holds the ability to provide a .75 HP at 1 CFM from the 100PSI to approximately 125PSI maximum level.



This compressor packs to it mobility capabilities, with about 25 pounds, making it independent contractors favorite. This is not the only thing the professional contractors would love, but also the distinct aspect of its high output, which then makes it perfect for all kinds of outdoor and indoor operations.

Just like all other Air Compressors, the Eagle EA has both unique components and subsequent cons.


  • The Eagle EA-2000 operates at an oil-free double piston.
  • Since the compressor has a significantly low consumption of amp, this, in turn, reduces the life expectancy of the machine at an average of 4 times.
  • As mentioned, the compressor is very quiet, which is acknowledged by the majority of the first-hand operators.


  • Although it is highly mobile, it is not a natural lift, with the 25 pounds of weight on it.
  • The compressor needs approximately 15 minutes of runtime to achieve a break in; this is mainly for a quiet and better performance.
  • The gallon tank may be used in hindering the big tasks.

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Most of the product customers have a very positive take with the product, with research showing the Eagle EA-2000 has an approval rating of about 94%, and also side from it having quite an impressive durability, it has an excellent working composition, with no accompanying issues. The Eagle EA-2000 compressor is very significant regarding team projects, and this is because the compressor allows for a bright and comfortable type of communication.

Most of the individual projects that are undertaken by people are improved, which is as a result of the quiet operation of the compressor, which subsequently allows for personal comfort and that of the people that are around you. Most of the compressor’s users love it for the quiet nature it holds, but what features produce this? The compressor has a slow RPM motor, which is the primary noise regulator, and is used to reduce the noise, friction and also heat, which is widely related to the dual air intake and it allows just twice of the air.

It is very vital to put some considerations to place before choosing the Eagle EA-2000, and this goes to apply when selecting all kinds of compressors. This is to ensure you have the best product and reduce your chances of landing onto a faulty product:

  • Type of compressor

It is imperative to consider whether the compressor is portable or stationary. This lies from the fact that the mobile air compressors have small handles, tanks and the wheels, and this makes them very convenient and easy to carry from place to place. Which is the particular aspect of the Eagle EA-2000 compressor? The stationary compressors, moreover, are unusually large, which makes them heavy duty equipment.

  • The compressor’s power supply

This refers to the form of power supply, be it cases or electric compressors, which are the most preferred. This is primarily because they are cheaper to maintain and also fall under the silent compressors. The electricity powered compressors are ideal for most of the indoor uses. When in need of compressors for your outdoor activities, the most efficient one would be the gasoline-powered air compressors, which use gasoline as the primary power source. This is because most of the outdoor activities dwell in places with no power availability.

  • The specifications

Before buying the Eagle EA-2000, it is equally vital to consider the specs on the product, which includes the issues on the horsepower rating, the engine, and the motor’s power output, which are the most significant components of a compressor. It is imperative to note that, when a horsepower has high HP, it can produce high volume outputs and more pressure. In the instance that a compressor has more ratings, this notably makes it more suitable for the applications front.


Concluding, the Eagle EA-2000 is one of the very best compressors in the market, and this is ideally by its quiet nature. However, the 1-gallon tank is not as influential, subsequent with the HP. Despite this, the compressor is very high and is accurately quiet.

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